In contact with nature

“In every walk in nature, man receives much more than what he seeks.” (Hohn Muir)
Specialized in the design of exteriors and gardens, Flora is also involved in the construction of gardens, garden maintenance and setting up natural scenographies for events and commercial activities. The maintenance, design and construction of public and private green is entrusted to a team of expert people who know how to combine the type of plants with each different environment to create truly unique natural contexts.


Through the detailed analysis of your environments, we will be able to design your gardens in the best possible way, making each outdoor environment a welcoming place, always based on your functional and aesthetic needs.


Flora has always offered the knowledge, experience and use of means and equipment that make it possible to carry out garden construction and maintenance of all kinds.

Our work processes

How do we work?

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Advice and Suggestions

Before starting, we always suggest our customers the available options


Design and Ideation

We will review your garden and give you an idea of the project


Construction and Maintenance

We will take care of the project and maintenance


Why choose us

We are a well-established and reliable company, a company specializing in the creation, design and construction of gardens in every aspect, but what sets us apart are the passion and creative commitment with which we take care of every aspect of our business.

Since 2014

Among Flora’s services you will find private garden design, creation of terraced spaces, hanging gardens, Zen gardens, historic green recovery, garden for outdoor parties and pool parties, renovation and creation of public urban green spaces, relaxation corners according to need. of the client, green setting up for events and fairs, temporary gardens for special occasions and much more.

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Our commitment

Today green spaces are suitable places to get in touch with nature and get closer to the essence of well-being. Any space, large or small, between balconies or terraces, small pieces of greenery, exposed or not to the sun and winds, can become your corner of well-being and harmony through the advice of Flora Vivai and Garden.

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    Nature and Design

    In the design of exteriors and gardens with harmony and elegance, it is necessary to study and mix natural elements with artificial ones with extreme synchrony and, often, wonderful results can be achieved with just a few elements.


    The beauty of nature